Archive: January 26, 2022

Smart Mirrors for Sports, Fitness & Outdoors Activities

People who view fitness and sports to be an inevitable part of their lives, largely encourage efficient home gyms so that they can have their workouts done without any excuses. While most fitness freaks try to incorporate the most modern equipment and devices in their home gyms to increase efficiency, smart mirrors are attracting more and more users. They are turning out to be a highly beneficial product that completes a well-equipped home gym. Most of the smart mirrors are interactive and provide real-time feedback and on-demand sessions like Yoga, Pilates, etc. There are also smart mirrors that feature one-on-one personal training as well as partner workouts that will help you to remain motivated.

Here are the top-rated smart mirrors that are perfect for sports, fitness, and outdoor activities.

  • The Mirror Workout Mirror

¬†The Mirror allows you to stream numerous unlimited live and on-demand classes that will keep you challenged and motivated throughout the workout. Your favorite workouts will be accessible 24×7 and they offer three packages for the users to choose from. The Mirror bundle is available for everyone. There are more than 50 activities in the Mirror which provide different opportunities according to your taste. Get connected to your fitness and health routines with Bluetooth connectivity. The modern, slender design of the Mirror attracts aesthetics. It can be doubled to a high-end full-length mirror while not in use.

The Chinese have released a smart mirror for sports exercises - Digit News
  • FORME Life Studio Mirror

The FORME Life Studio Mirror features numerous on-demand sessions that are perfect for all types, be it recovery, strength training, or HIIT. It can satisfy users of all ages and all fitness levels. FORME Life has designed their mirror to be the best partner for home workouts. The 43-inch 4K display and the resistance training arms, which can be set aside when not in use, are the attractive features of this mirror. To expand the convenience, there is a touchscreen display and voice control. FORME Life Studio Mirror comes with all the necessary technologies to give the user personalized adjustments and suggestions.

  •  Echelon Reflect Smart Fitness Mirror

 Echelon Reflect Smart Fitness Mirror features a zero-footprint design to enhance your workouts in your studio workouts. The mirror provides motivational trained instructors offering live classes with a perfect check of your form. Echelon Reflect Smart Fitness Mirrors come in two sizes Р40 and 50 inches. The mirror allows Bluetooth connectivity to get connected to the app. You can view your reflection for the entire time on the screen to ensure your technique and form. The mirrors from Echelon Reflect require only minimal space.

  • NordicTrack Vault

NordicTrack Vault makes use of its iFit technology to provide interactive workout sessions. It also offers reflective technology to give instant visual feedback. To maintain your form, the mirror will provide you with an on-screen trainer. NordicTrack Vault offers two options to choose your mirror: Complete and Standalone. You can choose the one that fits your needs and space. The 60-inch oversized mirror gives you a clear reflection of even the minute details. If you have an iFit membership, you can get access to strength training, HIIT, Pilates, yoga, and several other workout types.